Signs That Make You Look Unprofessional in an Interview

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You certainly are now aware that you should not apply with e-mail ids that shout out “I am cool” and “I am sexy” or something that shows that you are a high school student. As far as your potential employers are concerned, try to look professional in an interview. Also, use an e-mail ID that that shows professionalism. You also know the basics of a job interview process. Arriving late or not dressed formally are somethings you should definitely avoid. A firm grasp, delivering a solid handshake, body posture and eye contact are little things that you now know are important for an interview.

But did you have an idea there are several other things that can leave a negative impact on the impression you are trying to make on your interviewer. Here are some truly unprofessional things that can hurt your job search process. Read on to know what they are and how can you avoid them to avoid the negative impact.

  1. You Show that You are Desperate

Nothing makes you more unprofessional than being desperate. You can blame the old cliché saying that people can spot desperation from quite a distance. It might be hard to mask the actual feeling of desperation but none the less you have to make sure that you have the confidence. Know that the job you are applying to is a good fit for you. Know your strengths and use them in your answers. Have a clear vision of your goal and how the current opportunity fits in it.

What not do?

Say yes to their every question. Have a point of view and consider a discussion before you agree with them. Demonstrate interest and curiosity in the organization. Another thing to avoid is to be self-promoting all through the interview.

  1. Trying to Be Different

Being different is good. But that is your characteristic that shows naturally. Trying to be someone you are not just to grab the job will do no good to you. Having a personality oriented specially for the job is something that turn off the employers. Try to build a conversation that is interesting, memorable and knowledgeable, rather than just a one dimensional conversation.

  1. You Lack Homework

When appearing for an interview, you are expected to be prepared for the same. The preparation just not includes having ironed your best formal outfits and practicing questions that you googled. You probably have heard about the interview tip “research the company”. That is the homework you are supposed to do before you appear for the interview.

But having incomplete information can be dangerous for you. It is just not enough to have the top information from the about us section of the company website. You should do immense research work so that you are able to generate a conversation that leaves an impact on the employer.

To have an edge over others go above and beyond the basic understanding of the company.

  1. The Social Media

The social media now, has captured a major part of life. Even professionally you need to have a social media presence that pushes you towards the job and not away. Employers do check your social media presence before making the decision.

Sharing ugly stuff about the employers is the most unprofessional thing you will do on social media. Even you have a wall filled with negative stuff, employers consider your personality like that.

On the other hand, social media can do wonders for you also. You only need to have the right idea about what to post and what not to post. If you are looking for an industry specific job, try and use your social media accounts to show the employer your interest in the field.

If you think, that social media is your private affair and want to keep it away from professional checks, use proper privacy settings for the same.

On the Concluding Note

When it comes to the job of your dreams and showcasing yourself as a desirable candidate, there is more you need to do than just having an error-free resume and that perfectly ironed shirt. Before you think you are ready for the interview, make sure you are aware about the basic as well as other ways that can destroy your job search. Make sure you brush-up your skills and have the knowledge about some lesser known ways that make you look unprofessional.

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