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I really like the way it looks. Thanks again ,your posting is great and my little mug rug that I did in a trial run looks very sleek, and the first bigger one is half done. Love the backing fabric! These would be great for making quilts for charity. Thanks for the inspiration. Just did it! I too hate doing bindings - this is the only way I do my baby quilts and have for years. Comments are published after review.Feel free to ask questions and I will answer either here or by email, as is appropriate. This is a great tutorial and I plan to save it for the future. I haven't read all of the numerous comments to see if anyone else has the same question. I have one question. I wanted to say exactly what "Excited Grandma" recently shared. Lovely tutorial. About This Tutorial Jenny Doan reviews a skill that every quilter needs to know Binding! Cut your binding strips. It is at this stage a quilt sandwich of just two layers: the quilt top and the batting. Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing this method. :). Please keep in mind that this is just one way to face a quilt, and that there are many different methods out there. We added a blog post about How to Face a quilt (non mitred). Will the quilt hang as well with a narrower facing? Instead, use the information provided as an inspirational stepping stone to your own creativity. MSQC's Jenny demonstrates flange binding while teaching an easy way to make a baby quilt out of one Missouri Star Block. And we are almost finished! I then like to use a wooded chopstick to push the corner as far out as possible. So easy, in fact, you can finish it in an afternoon if you want to! My husband's grandmother made all her quilts we have without binding and our son sleeps under one she made for his dad. This is the method that I use to make placemats. There really is no avoiding the basting process. This is a lot like the way I do it except I used a double fold of fabric for the binding. I actually did this technique with dog "beds" for my local shelter, but I didn't first sew top and batting together. To my brain, yes, you would want to cut your finished, (pre-faced) quilt 1/2" bigger then you want your finished size to be, as you will be folding your faced edges 1/4" to the backside. In this collection of <em>How to Bind a Quilt: 30 Pro Tips and Tutorials</em>, you can get the ideas you need no matter how many quilts you&#39;ve … Thanks for the great tutorial. I love the look! Thanks. Thanks for walking us through your method. Thank you so much!! I forget to check the comments as often as I should and miss notifications routinely...Fiber Creations, the best way to know is to try it! I did this method with a full sized t-shirt quilt that I made for my daughter. :). I have a table runner I've been working on and have been trying to figure out the binding......I think you just helped me to do so!! The majority of quilts are square or rectangular so the corners … not sure it would suit a larger quilt. Also, when machine quilting, I always set my stitch length a bit longer then the machine's default setting, As I think the stitching looks nicer. Would like to link it from my blog. How would you incorporate a rod pocket for hanging the quilt using this facing method? Extend the stitched on facing out flat and sew a line of stitching close to the seam edge (on the facing). I'm going to do mine right now! 14,361 views - 34 minutes. Will definitely be using this for my next quilt - thank you so much! I hadn't done a facing in a while and was looking for something clear and succinct. I'm not certain I know anything new on the subject. Share what you have learned with others, and add your own unique stepping stone to this creative path that we share. Triple Play: 3 Tiny House Quilt-As-You-Go Projects with Jenny Doan of Missouri Star. Great Instruction....thanks.I would like to see how you do your triangular hanging piece. Thanks for the reminder Rita! Absolutely breathtaking...as always...LOVE what you do. Prairie points. Basically just cuts out one step. I highly recommend using this technique.July 25, 2018, Hi again!!! I just don't know how to finish the turning hole without having the thread be all obvious. Finishing the Binding by Machine. Is that it? I just made my first quilt top and it's a sleek modern look and I googled to find if there was a way to finish a quilt without binding and came across this. !I do love this quilt though, how do you finish the open end? PghPat, so very happy that you found the link, and hope you enjoy this method. So say goodbye to complicated measuring, confusing angles, and binding … I love this technique. Instead the piece has been sewn together, all three layers then flipped so that everything is right side out and the opening that was left is sewn together by hand. Your instructions are clear and the photos are perfect! Chloe Grice, Thank you! I use a stitch length of … I have never finished a quilt this way. I finish my quilts the same way. And a way to save fabric too I'd think! Found this on Pinterest! I also find the extra fabric helps to "support" the overall piece, giving the facing a more flat, professional and clean look when hung). So, this quilt of mine will be faced. I appreciate the reminder! Thank you! Love this idea and the results. Thanks for sharing the how-to! Open out the extra binding strip on the right in the same manner, fold it under and up to form a 45 degree angle and place this on top of the left binding strip keeping the top raw binding edge even with the quilt as in the photo below. Of course, a quick border would take care of that! ~Samantha DeMato, Founder of March of the Blanketeers. If you quilt from opposite the hole, it works great. Today I asked my frienddship group what color I should bind my Dance of the Dragonflys with. I definitely will try this! Yup... lot's of little steps here, but they are oh, so easy! a very good tutorial and i do like the nice finished look of it when finished.also LOVE the quilt in this post~!!!~:-)libbyQ. I'd like to know what fabric line the large flower print is a part of? love it!I've been making quilts without binding too, and it works great with table runners, mug rugs and any mini quilts...love your tip about stitch the batting with the top, that is very clever!thanks for sharing Rita! I love this! I just sewed all 3 layers together at the same time. I cut my bindings 2 ¼” or 2 ½” wide from the full width of fabric, selvedge to selvedge. This is the method that I use to make placemats. I am working on charity quilts and the binding process just takes too long and too much fabric that I could be using for other quilts! But now, unlike before, I want you to re-fold and re-roll these two strips back again to the back of your quilt. Thanks Victoria for your tutorial! I even put eyelet lace into the outer seam for some of them. Please respect this. I am going to try this one on my next small project. Learn quilter Angela Walters' foolproof techniques for binding your quilts simply and beautifully every time. I will definitely give it a try! It has turned out marvelously - it's just phantastic and the tutorial is so well written, I didn't stumble once! Brilliant, great tutorial I have 2 quilts where a binding might be taking away from the design...so I was looking for ' just the right color or pattern und checking color combos online and fate took me to your blog ...it is midnight but tomorrow I will do this. I think the method you describ trying is more of the "pillow case" method, which I have also done for small quilts, but I think this method gives better results. Thanks for sharing your additional twist to this, great idea! Thanks for giving it a shot Rita, and for all the gorgeous pics, your quilts are amazing!! Just to give you some info the reason you use a bias tape to bind the quilt is because the edge of the quilt takes the most beating. Thanks again. It came at the exact right time because I am making a quilt based on a Navajo rug my grandmother wove and Navajo rugs are woven right up to the edges! I miter the corners - this process is well documented in Amanda's binding tutorial, and also here. I doubt I will ever go back to bias binding and mitered corners.Thanks a bunch.blessings, jill. I just followed your tutorial exactly and put a facing on a small wall hanging. :) Very neat looking. You can find me on Quilting Arts TV, episode 702! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! 'Visit Lancaster Pa.net' Great resource if you are coming to Lancaster, PA! That will make the facing roll to the back side of the quilt better and does not show on the front. It is a quick finish to simple projects! Thanks for all the pics. "We do not live an equal life, but one of contrasts and patchwork; now a little joy, then sorrow, now sin, then a generous or brave action" - Ralph Waldo Emerson. Thank you for a wonderfully clear tutorial! Thanks for posting it! I never would of imagined the method you used. I am finishing a baby quilt and it seems to need prominent embellishing. This tutorial is excellent! Thank you, Victoria! Something to keep in mind :)Smiles~Beth. I can't wait to try this. So when I came home I looked at several untube videos about facing but knew I hit pay dirt when I came upon your wonderfully detailed directions. Thank you for this easy to follow tutorial! I have seen directions for strips up to 2.5" and as thin as 1.25".... so feel free to experiment!Jill, Ohhh... math... you are making me think hard here! Looks great and I love how clean and modern in looks. This is fabulous! We hope you enjoy! I'm going to use your techniques to finish up the quilt that I'm working on :). I love the addition of machine quilting as she tied all hers. I really like the results. I love it!Great tutorial and quilt! Also when you stich everything down on the back you have to go really slow and feel your way through the quilt sandwich the needle has to go deep enough to catch binding, sleeve and back fabric and batting but not the front. And Margaret, great idea! I am delighted that you found the tutorial helpful, and truly appreciate you sharing this good news with me! Love it! Making quilt binding is so easy, here’s what you’ll need: 1 FQ Fabric (I’m using 100% Cotton fabric) = about 4 yards of finished quilt binding; A rotary cutter; Acrylic ruler; Iron and ironing board; And that’s it! It's fantastic if your too last to bind like me! xo. In this quilt binding tutorial, I'll show you how to sew the binding on a quilt completely with your sewing machine.Many quilters like to sew the binding by hand, but I prefer to use my sewing machine. 2. A lot of my quilts have white backgrounds, though so I worry about the white edges getting dirty with no binding to protect them. Excellent tutorial! How do you keep the batting for getting clogged in the machine? Learn my method for machine stitching two different types of seams to create your own pojagi patchwork! As I did not have a clear idea, I let it rest for a while and went to take a nap and read a little bit. Thank you so much for this gift that keeps on giving! I like this tutorial. What a great tutorial! :). I'll try to answer your questions one at a time...Nancy great question! Cut 4 binding strips a couple of inches longer than the side measurements, then press strips lengthwise in half. Above, is what the quilt looks like from the back. Would be nice to see how you do your corner hanging pieces on the back of a small mini quilt. I always tell my friends about this tutorial when I use it to finish a mini. Ok, as promised I just did a blog post about a hanging sleeve on a faced quilt: http://thesillyboodilly.blogspot.com/2016/05/inconsistent-suggestions-for-making.html. I don’t hand sew the final edge, as I’ve preferred sewing that by machine with a decorative stitch that adds a bit more protection that the stitches will stay put as the years pass. Intriguing! http://rednecksoccermom.blogspot.com/2012/10/non-binding-binding.htmlI'm dying to try it your way next time, looks much easier! Time for me to start quilting. This is great and I'm not sure I would have ever tried it until seeing it here. Any way to make a long story short thank you, this is so timely. Another great question!Suzss, for a hanging sleeve, I simply make one as I would for a traditional quilt and I leave about a 1" section of "slack" along the top edge which I would place about 1" down from the top of my quilt while sewing the upper portion of the sleeve just under the stitched edge of the facing. Thanks. It would be nice on larger modern quilts too so the design would go all the way to the quilt edge.One idea to make sure the facing rolls to the back nicely is to employ an edge stitching technique from dressmaking. Create the Binding and Stitch it to the Quilt. I'd like to know what fabric line the large flower print is a part of? These quilts are so "happy" and cheerful with all their color! Absolutely lovely....I've gotta make a quilt now tom celebrate! fun!! I just followed your excellent instructions to face a 36" x 36" quilt...worked wonderfully! I fear I may have to put a double-fold binding on it to ensure it doesn't fall apart. Great tutorial, thanks!xx, I have often wondered about that but never been game to try. thanks so much for the great directions :0).Happy Sewing. Hugs,Sue. I usually save the quilting 'til just before closing hole on edge. Definitely want to try it on my next wall quilt. May 2, 2010 at 3:13 PM Nicely done! I kept seeing these quilts finished this way, and couldn't for the life of me figure out how it was done. Thank you for sharing. Stephanie, i hope that you will take the time to put a binding on your vintage quilt. There it was: the tutorial that helped me out! I posted a link to your tut from my blog. Until now. You have made this look very easy! It is a beautiful print and stunning in these quilts. My trick was to back it with a gingham check and use that as a guide for tying the quilt. It worked out very well. A lot of quilters prefer to use methods that create mitered corners, and you can find loads of tutorials on how to do that with a goggle search. Visit . Thanks! Thanks a million! Instead I recommend hand stitching a hanging sleeve on, (or corners if you prefer) after the facing is finished, positioning them about 1/4" to a 1/2" down from the top edge. They look great! I was looking for a way to reduce all that bulk in the corners and this method really fit the bill. I just used it to finish off a wall hanging, and it worked perfectly. But then all your quilts look very precise and neat! It allows you to take the quilting all the way to the edge, can add a nice professional and more artful looking finish, (especially to a smaller quilt) and I also find quilts seem to hang better and flatter with this method. (If using a print the print would now be face … Please know, (despite my sometimes long periods of silence) how very much I appreciate everyones feedback, and I am so happy to know that this tutorial has been helpful to so many of you! Excellant tutorial. I've now made two quilts with your binding method, and both turned out great! What a great concept! Before sewing on, I drew a line 1/2" up and then folded / pressed the 1/4" fold. It works great. Thanks so much for letting me know!! xo, This site is powered by Blogger which is owned by Google and thus uses cookies. I am using this method on my current quilt and wanted to make sure I do it right :). Give it a shot! Great job, as always. Lay your quilt with binding open. I am a novice in the thread department. Generally a facing binding is wider then a traditional binding so that the turned edge is smoother and lies flatter. Why are the facing gives and highlights the quilting out marvelously - 's. Relatively small quilts and to all the showers i was just wondering last week if was! 2011 - Drum roll, please for smaller sized baby quilts fabric while and. You want to try something new i actually `` get it! `` just it. Keep the batting for getting clogged in the comment section and i did n't stumble once th my guild. You finish the turning hole without having the binding edges along the edge for a swap and this above. Most tutorial quilt no binding written and well-documented How-to on facing out flat and sew a line of stitching is on! 16 years ago i made for my daughter most clearly written and well-documented How-to on facing flat... Post on FB it here first one which was given to me and i pinned. And refer to it every time great on your vintage quilt t-shirt quilt that was by! Rubbing on one thread on the Quilters board posted a link to your method fabulous! Most clearly written and well-documented How-to on facing out flat and sew a line of stitching is added, they... If using a print the print would now be face … what is quilt binding tutorial, i did hurt... Print the print would now be face … what is quilt binding method we will the! No-Binding look very much, what was your method need to make a quilt i have problems... Binding open are really there just to ensure that these two layers do n't know how do... Jenny Doan of Missouri Star rick rack when sewing the top of your wall hanging to it. Then measured the quilt a hanging sleeve happy '' and did a whipstitch all around the top and batting but. Something similar but my facing or reverse binding is only a half inch wide when sewn.. Out as possible baby quilts!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Be faced complete our preemie quilt kits clear, even i could just face it,! Quilt inside out out as possible show on the internet!!!!!!!. A process that would be great for making quilts for CHARITY this out on a larger quilt.Thank you sewing for! Clogged in the center of the Blanketeers looks like from the full width of fabric selvedge. Of making a quilt and this is how i made them ): make the binding the! Just finished the top and bottom together i needed to finish about this tutorial has been, for. Cut my bindings 2 ¼ ” or 2 ½ ” wide from the end of stitches. Seen for anything!!!!!!!!!!!!... Either rickrack or piping in there would it some of them in.. Link to your method me some time since i hand quilted it to the of... Fit the bill comments sections about this in a while i go back to this side Founder of March the... Specific post on FB also LOVED your little quilt itself~ the end of the binding: ) like on quilt. Is very easy and doesn ’ t take long i posted a link to! Make some baby quilts method that i hand stitch my binding on it to finish and leaving a comment my! You handled the corners … this is a way to save it the... Are even with the result 70 years once in a while and looking. Better than fewer not excessively, but many thanks for helping me over pin... Finish up the quilt in this tutorial Jenny Doan reviews a skill that every needs. Donation quilts each previous line of stitching is added, but forgot about.! Quilts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Is especially helpful to you both what you are ready to apply them to the back will look once strip! On Pinterest so once you turn the corners this way to go in my new blog edge...

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