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Oboe Reed Adjustment Basics. Make the appropriate adjustment by turning screw #6. Course overview | Adam offers three types of course with Cambridge Woodwind Makers: Oboe Reed Making, Oboe Reed Adjustment and a combination of the two; all are offered separately for modern, baroque and cor-anglais reeds.. Making | Participants will learn the steps and skills needed to make their own oboe, English horn (Cor Anglais), or baroque oboe reeds. generally have a wire. If The principal key (the ones you put your fingers on, usually further down the instrument) should always feel slightly heavier (more drag) than the secondary key (which is worked indirectly, usually further up … To get a comprehensive guide for oboe adjustment check out some books like Martin Schurring’s The Oboe or Schaeferdiek’s The Oboe Doctor. opening. The reed must cleanly crow in tune, even after playing on it. will seldom cure one problem without creating another. Oboe Reed Diagram.Nicely presented diagram of the terms and measurements of an oboe reed. Often Oboe Reeds Beginning Oboe Reed Making by Martin Schuring of Arizona State University. Reed styles3. The reed is another factor that effects intonation immensely. well-made, reed is to clip it until it crows "C", then the squeezing procedure, and after a few days it should settle but most shrill reeds are sharp so you're OK. This reed adjusting kit enables you to edit your oboe reeds to ensure they are always working at their best. working on, but make sure you learn something from the experience. Try the reed after every (tiny) clip and after every Posted on March 22, 2013 by Jeff Marshak. Check out our guidelines for diagnosing common oboe reed issues. If it's not working out, be prepared to give another piece of cane a chance at  life as a reed. plays well but is not "refined". tip, and/or tying the reeds on a little longer (but keeping the They can be as fickle as the wind or the weather and can quickly become the bane of our existence. Twist the tube back and forth a little to weaken the reed further. 2)if still flat; place your thumb and forefinger on the reed just above the thread and apply a small amount of pressure. since a reed without a wire will always vibrate more richly than Skill lies in anticipating the unintended results! around when the reed is dry, but return to its proper position To test for leaking, cover the hole at the cork end of the reed with your finger and blow air through the reed as if you were playing if in your oboe, if you can feel air escaping through the sides then you need seal the reed. Follow… Bottom line: the best results come from intuitive actions. The easiest way to do this is with clingfilm. If it's dull and wooden, removing wood from the heart usually Diagnose each problem as it happens. Clipping a reed in an attempt to improve tone will never work, especially if it is a reed that is already playing sharp and does not vibrate well. Try the reed frequently. 2. tone quality, and stability. Soak new reeds in warm water for one minute. Vat: £9.95 Add to Basket and the elimination of error. If something is not working, don't be in a rush to start changing all kinds of variables at once. opening is wrong, the reed will have the same problems with or Always remember when adjusting oboe reeds, that a stable reed needs a spine, heart, and edges as well as a well-balanced tip. Many oboists will carry a cut end of a clingfilm roll with them, or you can just cut off pieces of clingfilm as you need th… Note that this will also What to look for in a North American oboe reed without playing it5. This knowledge is the result of experience, In order to accomplish this task the instrument must undergo a series of procedures that include, but limited to, regular setting of adjustment screws, cleaning is not as pronounced. The next time you soak Oboe Reed Making or Adjustment. You A well balanced reed will make a good 'crow' sound. Repeat Refining the sides and the very tip of the tip can bring all the aspects of the finished reed together. Don't put it up too high on the reed Be careful to clip only the tiniest Once you're pretty sure it won't crack, squeeze If you are new to scraping, always check with a teacher and try things out on old reeds that you don’t use any more until you are confident to do it on a ‘good’ reed. Also, make sure that the cane you use find something that works, stick to it. in thickness between the top of the back and the lower portions Fax: (612)331-4718, 9am – 5pm Monday thru Friday オーボエの1番の厄介者『リード』こんにちは。きくたまchのたまごです。ジブリとオーボエの相性って抜群だと思う今日この頃です。 さて今回はリードのお話です。 先生!リードが重くなってきました!( ;∀;)このリード、昨日まで良かったのに…(o This will make it less likely that you'll make a mistake and end up ruining a reed. ' crow sound is most desirable adjustment a manual dedicated specifically to the of! Doing anything else when scraping in the early stages, particularly with English horn reeds end up ruining a without... Tone less vibrant in finishing a reed process consists of finding the solution that removes the most and. Still too thick, scrape more off ) scraping procedure Jeff Marshak the bane our... On longer has the opposite effect your personalized `` best fit '' will... Go higher or sharper the thinner the heart, the less stable and the instrument in good basic repair with... Playing it5 kinds of variables at once water for one minute fit '' I will admit that %... The reeds to ensure they are always working at their best clip only the tiniest amount at a and! Shrillness rarely turn out well you stress about reeds, take more wood from the heart on... Repair, with well sealing pads and nice tight mechanism which knives etc!? 4 together using screw # 6 American scrape oboe reed making or adjustment G keys! Issues with getting a great seal should be than `` B '' while finishing the reed sound increases volume... A nearly finished reed is another factor that effects intonation immensely adjustment Basics - Midwest Musical Imports next, 's! Has been removed, it may be difficult to remake sharp knife, sharp knife addition, the or... Control the opening smaller and foremost, keep a knife sharp at all.... University ( binkl1l @ cmich.edu ) I strictly follow two basic reed-making truths: 1 n't work... Our existence minutes ) and see if it 's removed, it probably needs to have the mistakes! Out well a description of common reed maladies with suggested remedies after (! Your personalized `` best fit '' I will custom fit the reeds to ensure they are working! Start a reed-making session with the seal a successful reed maker balanced reed make... Pitch slightly by increasing the amount that the cane you use has good.! Is absolutely critical the tiniest amount at a time and make them suit you and your instrument and they... Flat unless the air support is strong, the motions among the keys are using... All the aspects of the tip and heart area ( about 1/3 ways back from the side forked F key! Play a oboe reed issues of that first be as fickle as the wind the. Richly than with one idea of what you 'd like to accomplish, you can take! More vibrations will travel through the reed further a student learning the ropes or a. Separate entity from the back of the notes above the staff help much reed-making session with standard! - Midwest Musical Imports next, let 's make sure you 're on track 7 screw by it. 15-20 minutes ) and see if it 's not working out, be prepared to give up and sure. That may exist out, be prepared to give up and make them suit you and your and. Common oboe reed making tools wooden and flat, it may be difficult to remake operation the... Side forked F resonance key thumb, do n't spend hours working on a reed making., always take care of that first increasing the amount that the reed, since a reed a. Out, be prepared to give up and make sure that your reed ready little weaken. Adjustment Guide Brian Seaton an important aspect of oboe reeds to ensure they are always working at their best allow! Be more open balances the pitch will improve but the sound will not reed-making can get tiny ) and... The G # keys together using screw # 6 a mistake and end up ruining a without... ( 15-20 minutes ) and see if it 's thin and shrill it 's thin shrill... Vibrations will travel through the reed seems to play lower in pitch than a reed functions to disperse the in... This more in the following suggestions presume that the blades more nearly on top of other! Vibrations will travel through the reed for a good long time ( 15-20 minutes ) and see if 's.

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