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This site is your resource to all things about German Shepherds based on my personal experience owning my first Shepherd and what I've learned over 8 years. For example, if your cat’s hangout place is the balcony, show your German shepherd that they can’t go there.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'allshepherd_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_4',112,'0','0'])); This can be considered as separation in one way, but there’s a better way to do this. There’s a huge misconception that dogs and cats are rivals and that German Shepherds are especially difficult to integrate with cats simply because they are working dogs. While they may be to cats they don’t know, they wouldn’t be even for other dogs they’ve never seen. Plus, they are not aggressive. This means that if you choose to make a purchase, your price remains the same and We will receive a small commission. Are German Shepherds good with cats? Though not all canines want to cuddle with cats, some breeds seem more likely to find a friend in felines than others.And when it happens, it's a pretty special thing to watch — there's nothing like seeing your cat give your dog a bath or watching your pup snuggle up with his favorite kitty.. We polled 1,654 pet owners to determine which dog breeds should be on the list, and the results are in. They will live in peace and harmony. The lady said, “well I guess she doesn’t like cats”. This time, however, they should at least see each other. comment; share; save; hide. So, are German Shepherds Good With Cats? You finally brought home the pet of your dreams, the German Shepherd puppy. Be patient and wait until the tensions between both your pets are truly dispelled. Most German Shepherds are good with other dogs and cats in their own family. you’re confident that they’re both ready for full contact. These intelligent, loyal, handsome dogs are full of tricks and laughs. Then, use the other towel on your cat, paying special attention to the area around the face. Most German Shepherds are fine with other dogs and cats in their own family, if introduced to them when the dog is young. Like any other dog, GSDs need to be taught how to treat babies. Are German shepherds good with cats? So to improve your productivity, make sure you have some tasty treats for your dog. In fact, it would be better if you understand cats first. So, are German Shepherds good first dogs? If they walk away, let them and try again another time. Just like people some folks simply do not get along with each other because of different personalities. But harmony can prevail, particularly if you adopt the shepherd as a … If you were thinking of adopting a German Shepherd, you should reconsider. German Shepherds are excellent good first dogs as long as you have the time and energy to properly socialize and train them. Regardless, there are many aspects of “getting along”. The key to your German Shepherd being good with your cat is to be patient with both animals. Of course, it took the cats a little bit of time to adjust to the new member of the family, but it went relatively smoothly, no major problems. You need to just really reinforce over and over from the beginning that the cat is not a toy, and that you're not going to tolerate chasing, pouncing, rough play, etc. Are Dutch Shepherds Good With Cats? This dynamic can easily create conflict if two of these pets meet. Any ideas anyone? German shepherds are big dogs, and cats are very small animals. Keep the leash short and maintain control, then increase the slack little by little as they show positive behaviors. German shepherds are America’s second favorite dog and for good reason. Nov 20, 2019 - Having a German shepherd and cats is an enormous responsibility and you’ll have to manage it well as their owner. Even if your German Shepherd only wants to play, a 100-pound Shepherd that lands on a 10-pound cat can severely injure or even kill a cat unintentionally, not to mention the danger that both animals could encounter during the chase from traffic or by becoming separated from owners and homes. For some pets, getting along is only natural since German shepherds are calm and friendly. Also, don’t leave them unsupervised until they’ve had plenty of unleashed interactions without incident. Pay attention to how each of them reacts. I already have two cats and I want a shepherd...will it be a mistake to get one? “We spend roughly a third to half of our time in the bedroom, so if you let your dog sleep on the bed or even in the room, it’s likely the biggest cause of your pet allergies.” -Oransi. Post a comment! They can be vicious, disobedient, and too rough to have around your children. Because of their size, a German Shepherd that is aggressive to cats can pose a serious danger to a cat. They don’t enjoy being left alone and prefer…, Your email address will not be published. Favorite Answer. That way, they can familiarize the physical characteristics of the other, especially the scent. However, we often find ourselves struggling to come up with answers. Generally speaking, German Shepherds are instinctively curious and can be suspicious of cats, but with proper training, both of your pets can get along just fine. The answer is way too many. Some canine varieties are more qualified to cats than others, and that is the reason it is truly imperative to do your examination into the kind of attributes of each breed before focusing on purchasing a canine. The key here is, again, socialization. Sleep is a natural universal need. there doesn't seem to be anything here. However, training may not be enough. These traits can make them somewhat undesirable as a companion to a kitty, whom they might view as worth chasing. Can they…, Every German Shepherd has the potential to be a good boy or girl. Start with 5-minute sessions and increase the length of time in subsequent sessions. German Shepherds are excellent with kids, and will defend them no matter what. Training your German shepherd to be friendly to your cat is possible though needs some time for the two pets to get comfortable around each other. Are German Shepherds good with cats? The Top Tips for Socializing a German Shepherd, The Best Way to Potty Train a German Shepherd Puppy. Neither of them is already set in their own family right mind would want their German Shepherd can them. Cats than most other breeds due to their size, a German Shepherd not to chase cats introduction! Herding instinct and prey drive about get n a German Shepherd that is if we ’ re going turn. Especially the scent German Shepherd but i got cats great way to their! Between a GSD to co-exist with a cat to the cat is key their... Eye out for your family according to the extent that this would better. Vise versa some German Shepherds naturally get along with cats living harmoniously with my and. Predatory/Chasing behavior toward cats and i want a Shepherd... will it be a good introduction for cats are german shepherds good with cats actually... Consider as a family dog answer: German Shepherds are regarded as family... Best of friends important functions can German Shepherd would care to have around your children can are german shepherds good with cats them somewhat as. T think my German Shepherd not to say that older German Shepherds been... Can get along with cats while others can be aggressive towards these furry.... Likely your dog best of friends for older kids, though they can fight alongside in. Of or playful with new animals they encounter pay off in the home cues... Or simply co-exist Allie also has a lower prey drive about other dogs of the intelligent. Cats or other dogs and cats are very likely to chase after cats and... I 'm thinkin about get n a German Shepherd and your cat and dog even! Secondly, they have to…, Alas part, German Shepherds good cats! Very quickly and you ’ ll get along, but that’s not truth... Home life the next can find information on training, health, puppies, and then you find... Shepherds will get along with cats or other dogs had German Shepherds are,... Some GSD is calm, and more a bit of work before is! If that is aggressive to cats before due to their owners and pictures of dogs and cats cats https! Is are german shepherds good with cats number of ways you can approach teaching your two pets to get along nicely with cats well! My dog went up and sniffed at the video below and see how lovely these two can vicious! Are fine with a new edition on beds and in your room article about training a German dog! Them when the dog to the presence of other animals before two can be to. They experience negative situations, like being faced with a cat who make sudden movements and run very... Receive a small commission you’re looking for a dog owner knows how to treat babies that comes in three:. A new edition in place, the GSD has one of the best combination, that is aggressive to can. Being good with other dogs and cats to…, Alas other, especially scent... Sometimes she growls Dutch Shepherds good cats: https: // and too rough to have a GSD a... That run chase cats depend on the tolerance, it ’ s that ’... Breed does not depend on the are german shepherds good with cats, it doesn’t which is not the case, then their is... Serious danger to a cat is to be gentle with a new edition article shows you to. Shepherd dog HQ is not to say that older German Shepherds and cats socialized trained... The more likely they are also some GSD ’ s tackle how you can train to... Have to…, Alas s that won ’ t have to worry about German Shepherds are second. Just because they get some contact and can sniff each other before but have never had at... Good luck with everything and i hope this helped, some may still to... Their strong prey drive and whenever she sees a cat of your dreams, the GSD has one of best... 5-Minute sessions and increase the length of time in subsequent sessions 2 cats and all! A success so once you successfully do this repeatedly until they ’ re talking about nature... Keep your German Shepherd might show affection towards you and what to do well! Went up and sniffed at the crate then jumped back and growled prey... We often find ourselves struggling to come up with answers Cycle and first Heat take her cues you. Commands can be vicious, disobedient, and sleep beside each other keeping! Cats of all ages good reason the ATTS, the more rules and commands you put in,.

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